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The Biggest Competition

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Industry Buzz

That’s the hidden superpower of the influencer when it comes to the world of marketing. They inspire trust in their followers because they offer up their own authentic content to others. They’re engaging, relatable, honest, and often comic — and they’re seen as true believers.

Sandra khory,
Dubai, UAE, Marketing Director-Sticky Posts System

Let's Inspire the world by our super magical power

Benefits of Becoming a Nominee?

6 Months of publicity

6 Months of fame

privileges Card to enjoy free services

Marketers & Advertisers Recognition

Media Coverage from all over Africa & middle east

Special Digital Marketing campaign for each nominee

Join the first competing for talents & influencers in the Middle East & Africa

Build New Audience in a short time

All nominees will enjoy exclusive advantages and free services with their privileges cards during the 6 months of the competition such as "Fashion brands, famous restaurants hotels, gyms, beauty centers, cosmetics brands, and more."

Winners Prizes

Keep your eyes on the prize and don't turn back




UNCOVER'20 Summit


The Greek Campus, Cairo , Egypt


28 november 2020

Due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), the 20 Hashtags Awards will be rescheduled. Keep in touch to know our new date!

How to Join

Just 3 steps away from the nomination

1- Choose a platform
2- Pick awards
3- Nominate yourself
Note:- Each nominee can choose up to 3 awards categories “Platforms” and in 2 specific awards from each category

Start By choosing your favourite award!




Strive to SUCCESS. Strive to WIN!

Nominate to win

Best of luck for all nominees, let's do something different and unique either you win or not! in the end, you will win the fame, publicity, and great experience.

Competition Phases

shortlist stage

Phase 1

In this phase, we will choose from millions of
influencers who match our competition standards

Competition Stages

Phase 2

2 Months Voting according to your personality.

Phase 3

2 Months Voting according to your content

Phase 4

2 Months Voting according to your engagement rate & Performance